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Towards a Topology-based Continuous Image representation

Publication Type: Tech Report (internal)
Appeared in: PhD Thesis
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Publisher: University of Glasgow
Year: 2005

The design and illustration of most internet sites today reveal the divide between raster images and vector graphics. Raster formats such as JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) provide photographic quality, but at the cost of large file sizes. Vector graphics formats such as Macromedia Flash, on the other hand, remain compact yet they are fully scalable and often offer real-time user interactivity; unfortunately the limitations of existing solutions make them only adequate for low-detail, cartoon-like pictures. This thesis attempts to narrow the gap between these two concepts by introducing a novel type of image representation that aims to offer the flexibility of vector graphics whilst retaining the high level of detail associated with raster images.

Keywords: image vectorization, image representation

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