Computing at Glasgow University
Paper ID: 8764
DCS Tech Report Number: TR-2007-260

A Generic Approach to the Evolution of Interaction in Ubiquitous and Context-Aware Systems
McBryan,T. Gray,P.

Publication Type: Tech Report (internal)
Appeared in: DCS Technical Report Series
Page Numbers : 12
Publisher: Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow
Year: 2007

This paper presents a model-based approach to the problem of evolutionary adaptation of ubiquitous and context aware systems where it is difficult or impossible to predict in advance the resources available, the criteria for judging the success of the change and the degree to which human judgement must be involved in evaluation process. The model is introduced via a simple example based around the adaptation of web content to different output device configurations. The relationship of the model to software architectures is illustrated via an example implementation in a homecare software framework. We argue that the model offers greater flexibility and control than other current approaches.

Keywords: adaptive user interface, context-aware system, dynamic configuration

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