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Paper ID: 9297
DCS Tech Report Number: TR-2010-309

Open Interface Workshop: The Challenges of Engineering Multimodal Interaction
McGee-Lennon,M.R. Denef,S. Gray,P. Nigay,L.

Publication Type: Tech Report (internal)
Appeared in: DCS Technical Report Series
Page Numbers : 56
Publisher: Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow
Year: 2010

The multimodal interaction domain represents a very active interdisciplinary research area which has expanded rapidly, since the seminal “Put that there” demonstrator by R. Bolt (1980). Significant achievements have been made in terms of both interaction modalities and real multimodal interactive systems. Recent interaction paradigms such as tangible user interfaces and embodied user interfaces open a vast world of possibilities for interaction modalities including modalities based on the manipulation of physical objects such as a bottle and modalities based on the manipulation of a mobile phone and so on. Going beyond desktop interfaces, multimodal applications also have a key role to play on mobile and tabletop systems. In addition to the availability of an increasing number of robust and usable interaction techniques practical multimodal systems are now being developed in a variety of domains including medicine, the military and education. Nevertheless the design, development and evaluation of multimodal systems remains a difficult task. Facing this challenge of engineering multimodal interaction, the OpenInterface Project (FP6- 35182,, an EU-funded STREP, has been developing a run-time environment and toolset designed to help multimodal interaction designers/developers to explore interaction alternatives and to combine and configure them appropriately for different contexts of use. The OpenInterface Project organized an international workshop devoted to addressing the challenges of engineering multimodal interaction. The objective of this workshop was to bring together researchers, designers and practitioners with a clear interest in conceptual and software tools for the design, development and evaluation of multimodal interaction in order to contribute to a vivid discussion leading to improved methods and tools to support such activities. This technical report contains the proceedings of the workshop and features the papers from this international workshop held in May 2009 in Sankt Augustin Germany, hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology, one partner of the OpenInterface project.

Keywords: OpenInterface, multimodal interaction

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