Computing at Glasgow University
Paper ID: 9366
DCS Tech Report Number: TR-2010-321

PuppyIR: Design Report
Glassey,R. Azzopardi,L. Garrido,J.

Publication Type: Tech Report (internal)
Appeared in: DCS Technical Report Series
Page Numbers :
Publisher: Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow
Year: 2010

This report details the design of the open source PuppyIR framework. The design is derived from the deliverables D1.2 (User Requirements and Scenarios), D1.3 (Agreed Technical Requirements), D3.1 (Report on Data Pre-processing), D4.1 (Specification Report) and the Report on Implementation of Prototypes and Demonstrators (under construction). The purpose of this report is to document the software design description (SDD) that will guide the development and release of the Open Source PuppyIR framework.

Keywords: Information Retrieval, Software Engineering, Children

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