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Senses in which Quantum Theory is an Analogy for Information Retrieval and Science

Publication Type: Conference Proceedings
Appeared in: Proceedings of the Fifth Quantum Interaction Symposium (QI 2011), 27-29 June 2011, Aberdeen, Scotland. Vol 7052. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) ed.; 2011.
Page Numbers : 161-71
Publisher: Springer
Year: 2011

Quantum theory (QT) addresses phenomena of the physical world, information retrieval (IR) is concerned with social and psychological phenomena in world of human-created objects. Recent approaches to IR employ the mathematics of QT, but in doing so, inherit notions particular to physical phenomena such as entanglement and superposition; and is lead to wonder about laws of dynamics, and general scientific concepts such as invariance. QTIR contends that their use of QT is analogical. In what senses is this the case? This paper explores the senses of this analogy and the way IR is (thereby) ‘inspired’ by QT.

Keywords: Quantum Retrieval Social Phenomena

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