Craig Reilly

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I'm a PhD student in the School Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. I work with Alice Miller and Patrick Prosser as part of the Formal Analysis, Theory and Algorithms research group.

A picture of me stting thinking very hard in the office.

Research Interests

I'm intersted in solving graph search and enumeration problems computationally. I'm also interested in group theoretic symmetry breaking techniques, both for graph problems and for combinatorial search in general.


I attended the Association for Constraint Programming Summer School in June 2016.


Ruth Hoffmann, Ciaran McCreesh and Craig Reilly: Between Subgraph Isomorphism and Maximum Common Subgraph. To Appear at AAAI 2017.


I gave a 20 minute talk, called "Enumerating knot diagrams using constraint programming", at BCTCS 2016. PDF.


My work address is:

Craig Reilly
Department of Computing Science
Sir Alwyn Williams Building
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ

You'll find me in office number G161, where I work alongside Frances Cooper, Ciaran McCreesh, Sofiat Olaoebikan, and James Trimble.

Otherwise, email c.reilly.2 at