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Articles found in December 2004

Articles about UK

Offshore outsourcing

  1. British Computer Society (November 2004) paper on the impact of offshore outsourcing on the IT industry in the UK

  2. British Computer Society Position Statement on 'Offshore Outsourcing'

Why we need computing skills

  1. The Independent, ''Geeks' are part of history'

Articles about USA

Offshore outsourcing

  1. BusinessWeek Online, 'An Unseen Peril of Outsourcing'

  2. BusinessWeek Online, 'The New Global Job Shift'

  3. USA Today, 'USA's new money-saving export: White-collar jobs'

  4. BusinessWeek Online, 'The Price Of Efficiency'

  5. BusinessWeek 'Commentary: Outsourcing Jobs: Is It Bad?'

  6. ComputerWorld, 'IT's Global Itinerary: Offshore Outsourcing Is Inevitable'

The current market for computing degrees

  1. CNN Money, 'Top 10 Degrees in Demand'

Articles about joint degrees

Articles about UK

  1. (the UK's official graduate careers website)

Articles about USA

  1. Economist, 'One student, two diplomas'