What are ITI3 Projects?

ITI3 projects are paid summer internships offered to students of the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. Students work for local charities (in pairs), helping them with their IT problems - these may be infrastructure, communication, database, publicity, networking problems: whatever the charity needs in order to make sure that it is making effective use of its information technology.

Who can apply for an ITI3 internship?

Students completing their second or third year of studying Computing Science at the University of Glasgow will be considered. Although combined honours students may apply, preference may be given to single honours students, depending on the needs of the charity.

Why are ITI3 Projects important?

Many small charities struggle with their existing IT systems, which are typically developed in an unsystematic piecemeal manner. Charity staff often have insufficient technical knowledge to understand their systems well enough when problems arise, and tend to retain expensive IT consultants who visit only when issues arise. These internships, while helping local charities, will also develop students' practical, problem-solving and communication skills, while exposing them to the nature and challenges of the third sector.

Who runs the ITI3 internship project?

The project is a collaboration between Dr Helen Purchase of the School of Computing Science and Mrs Alison Spurway of the University of Glasgow Settlement. Funding for the internships come from various sources: at the moment we are fortunate to have obtained funding from the University of Glasgow Chancellor's Fund, the University of Glasgow Settlement, and J.P.Morgan.

Which charities are supported (and how are they chosen)?

The ITI3 projects are part of the 'Find A Solution' project that has been run by the University of Glasgow Settlement for several years. Charities apply to the Find A Solution project, and, if their application is successful, two students work with the charity over the summer. The ITI3 projects will be adminstered together with the Find A Solution projects, but will focus particularly on charities with IT needs.

What's in it for me?

The students who have worked on previous ITI3 projects have said:

Working in the public sector is a great experience, it offers you a more personal look at how a charity operates and you feel like part of the team, rather than just a 'employee' at a large-scale company. [This was] a fantastic opportunity to work with real life products and solutions ... you get to improve your writing skills ... [very useful] when going for jobs.

I learned many new things that I would not have [learned] from University and that only on-the job experience will provide. As well as team working, it aided in my personal development and relationship building with current staff. It has also prepared me for what to expect when I graduate and go on to start my career.. [I gained] a real life experience of being employed by a charitable organisation for the intent of providing them a professional service

Any charitable work experience is a great one to have, and being able to do it within your subject of study is a great benefit and will look great on your CV and for job applications after graduation, its an opportunity that should not be missed.

Is there any other information about previous projects?

University of Glasgow news article:
University of Glasgow publicity video:

Will I get any help or advice if I am stuck?

A J.P.Morgan employee is assigned as a mentor to each pair of students.

How long does an internship last?

The internships last eight weeks, which can be taken anytime over the summer break. They must, however, be complete by the end of August. Students will be required to produce a report on their work and give a presentation at the Find A Solution showcase in September.

How much is the internship worth?

Each student will be paid £1600.

Does the internship carry credits towards my degree?

No. But it will look very good on your CV, and it will be recorded on your University of Glasgow HEAR record.

How do I apply?

We will fund one charity over the summer of 2018 by offering internships to two students.

Apply for an ITI3 internship via the Internship Hub . The ITI3 project falls under the category of 'Find a Solution' internships.

The deadline is Friday 13th April, 2018.