DEMMS4 2008

Assessed Exercise


To provide DEMS4 students with


At the end of the exercise, students should be able to

Full Description of Activities


Working in small groups (2-3) you will design, prototype and evaluate a short multimedia presentation on a home video data. The objective is to use some video data and create an interesting presentation which can be delivered in CD/DVD or on the Internet.

Stages in the Exercise

Done as a group

  1. decide on a theme and prepare some interface ideas
  2. specify your requirements, in particular

         presentation aims

         intended audience

         any other constraints

  1. become familiar with necessary tools & technology
  2. carry out information, interaction and presentation design
  3. produce a prototype
  4. evaluate your prototype using one or more appropriate techniques
  5. present your work to the class
  6. write a short report (3-4 pages) setting out

         design goals (what you set out to achieve)

         design features related to your goals

         outcomes of your evaluation (evidence of the effectiveness, or otherwise, of your design

7. Hand in a CD (or reference to readable files), and paper documents where necessary, containing

Done as an individual

Write a short report (2-3 pages) that


5pm Wednesday 12th March (The day of last class for this term)

What you must submit

As a group: a CD containing your multimedia presentation plus your group report

As an individual: your individual report.


The group hand-in will be worth 15 marks and the individual report will be worth 5 marks, making a total of 20% of the overall assessment for the module.

Exercise Coordinator

Joemon Jose Office: AW 208

Note - Do not spend more than 20hrs of individual time!