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Professor Joe Sventek

Professor of Communication Systems in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow.
B.A. in Mathematics, cum laude, University of Rochester; Ph.D. in Nuclear Chemistry, University of California.

My primary research interest is the automated management of large-scale communication networks. This area encompasses innovative, low-level measurement techniques, novel mechanisms for determining network context, exploitation of policy, and informed utilization of myriad analysis technologies. Work in this area necessarily requires deep knowledge of programmable network, embedded system, and closed-loop techniques, as well as insights into large-scale distributed system architectural concepts.

Member of the Embedded, Networked and Distributed Systems research group, adviser to the board of the TeleManagement Forum.

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Joe Sventek

Telephone: +44-141-330-8078

Department of Computing Science Facsimile: +44-141-330-4913
University of Glasgow Mobile: +44-797-435-6160
17 Lilybank Gardens Email:
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