CiD 2005: Complexity in Design and Engineering:

Instructions for Authors

10th-12th March 2005, The Senate Room, University of Glasgow.

Final paper submission

All papers must be emailed to Chris Johnson at No extension will be granted. Late papers will only be available in electronic format.

Submissions must be in Microsoft Word in PC compatible format with embedded figures, or in plain text (ASCII) with Postscript figures. I would also request that each paper be submitted in Adobe's PDF format. These requirements are described in the Style File.

Authors must use the Style Guide when preparing their final papers. If you have any trouble accessing or interpreting this guide then please contact Chris Johnson as soon as possible. There is a limit of ten pages for full papers and three pages for posters. This is a hard requirement and any papers that exceed this limit will only be available in electronic format. The authors of poster presentations are encouraged to submit longer versions of their paper in PDF format so that they can be accessed via the website. Please note that the authors of posters are encouraged to submit full revised versions of their papers for subsequent consideration in the associated journal publications.

A/V requirements

I will arrange for a convention overhead projector and for a digital projector. I will provide a laptop with MS Office. If your presentation requires any other audio-visual support then please let me know immediately.

The time available for each presentation varies from session to session. This allocation has been constrained by the limited time available and the large number of high-quality submissions that we received. Please prepare your slides with the timings in mind.

I will update this page with any additional information that is requested so please check back occasionally.

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