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Active courses in 1999-2000:

Advanced/Distributed Operating Systems (1994-1999)

I used to teach a final year option in advanced operating systems. This course picked up on many of the more advanced concepts in modern, distributed operating systems that are not, typically, covered in introductory lectures. The advanced operating systems course consists of forty lectures and twenty practical exercises. The first half covers some introductory material to bring students from different backgrounds `up to the same level'. It then considers issues such as remote procedure call mechanisms, distributed scheduling, cacheing for mobile systems, fault tolerance, security and cryptology.

CS4-OS Notes (part 1), CS4-OS Notes (part 2).

Ada Programming (1991-1994)

I used to teach an introductory course in programming at the University of York. I have included some lecture notes (see below) to give a flavour of the material. If you find it useful then let me know and I'll pass on the documentation etc. There are also a large number of example programs and associated practical exercises.

Term 1, Term 2, Term 3 notes.

Commercial Courses

Between 1993-1999, I was the external human factors consultant for Hoskyns (later Cap Gemini) training. Much of this training is now offered by PA group who took over the Cap Gemini portfolio. However, I continue to present courses in HCI through the University of Glasgow (see below).

I have given commercial courses on the use of incident reporting systems within safety-critical industries and on "new forms" of root cause analysis for accident investigation.

I have also delivered a number of courses on the industrial application of formal methods. These courses focus on the cost-effective use of these techniques through their integration with existing approaches to risk analysis.

The initial contact point for these courses is Richard Wilson, (

General Information

This page contains details of the courses that I have taught over the last five years. Where possible I have included notes and handouts. Please let me know if you require any further information. Thanks.

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