University of Glasgow

August 2002

CS1Q Exam.

Time allowed: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Answer ALL questions.

  1. a) Please provide BRIEF answers to the following questions:

    1. Name three different dialogue styles?
    2. Give two reasons why formative evaluation must be low cost.
    3. What is haptic interaction?
    4. Briefly explain why predictive text-entry may not reduce errors with mobile telephones.
    5. What is external consistency?

    [2 marks per answer, 10 marks in total]

    b) Briefly explain why it is important to choose an appropriate font and point size when designing interactive software and any associated documentation.

    [3 marks]

    c) Minimal manuals have been proposed as a means of helping users to get started with interactive systems. Instead of relying on large documents with hundreds of pages of detailed references, users are given a short summary of the initial functionality. Briefly describe how you would design an interface so that users could gradually learn more about a system once they had become familiar with the content in the minimal manual.

    [5 marks]

    d) The Johnson Corporation has won a contract to develop on-line documentation for a new device that will play digital music in a range of formats such as MP3 and WMA. The device will be sent to customers with a minimal manual. If they want to learn how to exploit more advanced features of the device then they will have to access a web site. Briefly describe how you would plan the formative evaluation of this documentation.

    [7 marks]

  2. Information Management question

  3. Systems question

  4. A joint question looking at systems material and HCI.