Copyright Chris Johnson, 1998.

Human Computer Interface Design Using Java

The 1998-99 Assessed Exercise
Presentation details

The presentations will take place on Tuesday 16th March in the IT lab.

They are not assessed as part of the course. They are intended to give you an opportunity to present and talk about what you have done. For instance, it can be difficult to provide a good idea of the range of colours and details in a display using the printers that you have access to. Similarly, animations are difficult to describe in a written report.

I am hoping that as many people as possible will be able to use the Macs to demonstrate their design using either Communicator or AppletViewer. You do NOT have to transfer the files onto the Unix network.

A number of people in the group are using their own PCs - you do not have to use the Macs to demonstrate your software but you will have to arrange a suitable machine to demonstrate your design. Again, some people from the course have arranged to bring in portables and it may be possible to demonstrate your software on those machines.

The timings for the presentations are as follows:

If you have any questions or require any further information then please let me know.