IS3: Interactive Information Systems 3 - Module Description

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This course is taught jointly by Chris Johnson and by Rob Sutherland.


Interactive systems courses in levels 1 (Human Computer Interaction), level 3 (Interactive Systems) and level 4 (User Interface Technology) address issues and content in the areas of interactive system design and implementation. Also, each course will organise its material around themes (challenging application areas) and projects. In Interactive Systems 3, the themes are the design, implementation and evaluation of web-based systems. These form a nicely contrasting set of practical, application-related issues. Theoretical material will be introduced as needed to help students understand the nature of interaction and interactive systems sufficiently to be able to produce effective designs and evaluate them. Detailed material on formal experimental evaluation will be presented so that students will be able to test for quantitative differences between their designs and other systems. The programming work on this part of the course will be done in Java and Swing.


The aims of the module are


At the end of the course, a student will be able to:

Pre and co-requisites

Advanced Programming 3



Assessment will be by examination (75%) and practical exercises (25%). An initial web-based evaluation and design exercise will be worth 50% of the assessed exercise marks. It will be handed out in week 12 and handed back in week 18. The implementation exercise will also be worth 50%. It be handed out around week 16 and handed in during week 20.

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