Mark Dunlop ( has sample solutions for question 2.

Tuesday, 32nd February 1997
09.00 am - 10.30 am

University of Glasgow



(Answer both questions.)

1.(a) Briefly describe the differences between physiology and perception.

[6 marks, Sample solution]

(b) What is RSI and why is it an increasing problem for computer users?

[10 marks, Sample solution]

(c) Briefly describe the links between high staff turnover, poor working conditions, Health and Safety legislation and problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

[10 marks, Sample solution]

(d) The Johnson Corporation have been asked to perform what is called a 'human reliability assessment' of a well known company's IT department. As a result of this study they have decided to produce a leaflet which can be given to employees to show them what a good typing posture should look like. Your task is to draw up a first version of this leaflet. Marks will be awarded for diagrams indicating both good and bad posture.

[24 marks, Sample solution]

2. [Question on user interface devices/evaluation]. 2. (a) Define Fitt's Law and explain what is meant by fields, context and control when used in forms interface design.


(b) The following interface has been designed for a parts ordering company. The parts department will complete this form in response to telephone orders from various sites, each person ordering has a unique client code. Two pull down menus at the top of the screen allow the user to enter the part type and the destination. An order will be sent on pressing the "Send" button.

Criticise the design and suggest ways to improve it. Your answer should include 4 criticisms and a suggestion of how to improve each.


(c) Given an implementation of the original system and the system revised according to your suggestions, explain how you would plan an evaluation to show that your system is more usable. Your answer should include a definition of what you mean by usable.