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Human Error and Group Work:
Crew Resource Management
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"...Among the results were that captains of more effective crews (who made fewer operational or precedural errors) verbalised a greater number of plans than those of lower performing crews and requested and used more information in making their decisions. Joint situatiuon awareness can be said to be improved through such cross-cockpit co-ordination where crewmembers support one another in picking up and comprehending the cues and changes around them. This raises interesting questions about whether situation awareness can be improved by teaching specific communication skills or even proceduralising certain communications that would otherwise remain in the realm of unregulated CRM (crew resource management behaviour)."

Acknowledgement: S. Dekker and J. Orasanu, Automation and Situation Awareness. In S. Dekker and E. Hollnagel (eds.), Coping with Computers in the Cockpit. 69-85, Ashgate, Aldershot, 1999. ISBN-0-7546-1147-7.