Chris Johnson

Open Assessment:
Safety-Critical Systems Development

Chris Johnson, University of Glasgow

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Submission Instructions

I have set up directories for all of you to use for the open assessment. They are located in the Unix directory:


And so if you wanted to copy some files into the final submission area and you user name was stevenss then you would issue the following command:

cp my_file.html /local/www.ext/research/gaag/level4_99/stevenss

You can then look at the files by directing your browser towards:

I would appreciate it if the main entry page to your solution was called default.html - that way you will be able to directly load the page by providing the directory name and not a unique file for each person's project (in other words the browser will load the first page of your solution as the default file for that directory).

It is very important that you try to create some sample pages and move them into these directories as soon as possible. If you have any problems then it is your responsibility to let me know. You will have write permissions on these directories until the hand-in date for the assessment. If you have a valid extension then this will be reviewed.

The reason for creating these directories is so that I can keep any good designs to show to next year's course. I also intend to link the best pages to the Department's research area - as I said in the problem description this is a developing area with real world problems and your solutions could have a significant impact on future policy.

If your design does not make use of pages that can be viewed over the web then please let me know so that we can arrange some alternative dissemination mechanism.

IMPORTANT: Security Issues

Please keep a copy of all of your work in your own area as well as the special directory mentioned above. The directories that I have set up on the web server are NOT secure - it is possible for other people to attack your solutions. This should not be possible after the hand-in date when I increase the protection on the site. I will be monitoring access to these directories and you should not attempt to edit any files except those that are under the directory with your user name.