UK Memory Management Network Workshop

Friday 13th May 2011, Glasgow

MM-Net continues to be a success, holding well attended meetings long after its EPSRC funding ended. We must be doing something right!

The next workshop will take place at Glasgow University on Friday 13th May. Registration for the workshop (including lunch/refreshments) will be free, thanks to sponsorship from the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance.

We are compiling a list of topics that we believe would be of interest. At last year’s workshop in Cambridge, we had:

We welcome suggestions for topics, or even an over-arching theme, for this year’s workshop. For example, maybe multi/many-core is the big challenge at the moment? We hope that someone from Microsoft Research might be able to come and tell us about their many-core OS work. We are also looking for other speakers to present their relevant work at the workshop.

Workshop Organizers