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Go is an ancient board game which is easy to learn yet offers unlimited challenges. It's a two-player game of skill (no dice etc.). The aim of the game is to place your stones (either White or Black) on the board so as to surround a larger amount of territory than your opponent. The game is rewarding at all levels of play, from novice to expert, and it has a handicap system that enables two players of different skill to have a fair and enjoyable game.

Group capturing masterpiece

Everyone is welcome at the Glasgow Go Club, from beginners to experts. We'll be glad to teach you how to play! We meet weekly:
The Research Club
Hetherington House
13 University Gardens
University of Glasgow

Meeting times:
Wednesday from 8.00pm
For further information contact:
John O'Donnell (Club Secretary)
(0141) 330-5458

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