About GTotF

Graph Theory on the Farm was an idea of Kitty Meeks, after she noticed how much easier it was to explain mathematical ideas to non-mathematicians in the context of some of her research about the spread of disease in livestock (you can read more about some of this research here). We were also very much inspired by the philosophy of the wonderful CS Unplugged.

The activities currently available on the website were mostly developed by Kitty during the summer of 2017 in collaboration with two undergraduate students at the University of Glasgow:

Martje Rave - photo coming soon!

Martje Rave

Martje has studied both mathematics and statistics at the University of Glasgow. She says that didn't enjoy maths as a child because disliked arithmetic: she only learnt to love the subject much later, when she realised that maths has so many areas that are not usually even discussed with younger children, and hopes that the GTotF will help others realise how much fun maths can be. She felt especially connected to this project, as she comes from a long line of farmers in the north of Germany. In fact two of the farmers in the activities (Otto and Karl) are named after her grandfathers - two real-life farmers!

Hazel Oakley - photo coming soon!

Hazel Oakley

Self-confessed nerd Hazel was born in Scotland and has a strong love for her homeland. She is due to graduate in 2018, but not without leaving her mark at the University of Glasgow, having founded the Doctor Who Society during her studies. She has always enjoyed mathematics (she says she relates strongly the quote from Mean Girls: "It's the same in every country") but became even more passionate about the subject after taking a course on "Graphs and Networks", which led her to the GTotF project. Though projects like this she wants to teach the world that maths "isn't all 1+1."