Our research on ubiquitous computing mixes theory, user experience design and system design.

We work in areas such mobile multiplayer games and social networking, both as objects of study in themselves, and as vehicles for new tools and approaches. We make the iterative process of designing ubicomp systems  involve more people, deeper models, and be more tightly linked with ongoing use.

Among our systems are:

  1. -Hungry Yoshi: a ‘seamful game’, exploiting urban wifi access points and with over 350,000 users.

  2. -AppTracker: an app that tracks and displays history of app launches on a phone (30K downloads)

  3. -FitTogether: a fitness app for football fans not into fitness all that much... but really into football culture. Not many users yet... it’s being piloted soon.

Initially formed within the Equator interdisciplinary research collaboration, sumgroup is set within the U. Glasgow HCI group, GIST, which is the most cited UK university HCI group, and 12th among all institutions worldwide. Most of our projects have been EPSRC-funded, but other recent work has been funded by the Scottish Funding Council and Kodak European Research. We also have had active collaborations with Turner Broadcasting Systems and Rangers FC.

You can find a page setting out ongoing and past projects here.



Parvin Asadzadeh (RA)

Matthew Chalmers (Prof)

Matthew Higgs (RA)

Claire McCallum (0.5 x PhD)

Alistair Morrison (RA)

John Rooksby (RF)

Mattias Rost (RA)