Anyone wanting to stalk me can probably find out all they need from my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles and my (largely defunct) blog, so I don't think I need to write much more here. For now, I'll just include a list of links to other interesting pages on the net, along with some older pages that I created a while ago and keep around for sentimental interest.



  • When I have time, I enjoy countryside walking, running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, and British Military Fitness.
  • I maintain several packages in the Fedora Linux distribution.
  • I was the captain of the Edinburgh team on the 2001-2002 series of University Challenge.

Contact me

Dr Mary Ellen Foster

Room S134, 18 Lilybank Gardens
+44 (0)141 330 4742
My official University of Glasgow page

How to find my office ...
  • Enter the Sir Alwyn Williams Building
  • Go to the main stairwell and climb up to the floor marked "S" (Lilybank Gardens)
  • Walk along the hallway until you reach S134 (on the right)