Michele Sevegnani

I am a Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow, as part of the Science of Sensor Systems Software (S4) EPSRC programme grant. I completed my Ph.D. in 2012 at the University of Glasgow's School of Computing Science with a thesis on bigraphs with sharing, a novel mathematical formalism that encapsulates both dynamic and spatial behaviour. In 2013, I was awarded a three year EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship at the University of Glasgow to continue my work on Formal Modelling and Analysis of Complex Location-Aware Systems. You can read my thesis and various academic publications here.

My current research focusses on the theory of bigraphs and how to use it to reason about safety, reliability and predictability of location-aware, event-based, software systems, particularly complex systems that are already deployed. I was recently involved in the development of a run-time verification system for home networks management (with the EPSRC Homework project), in the modelling and analysis of a mixed-reality game (the Savannah game from the MRL in Nottingham), in the definition of a predictive stochastic model for a communication system used in air traffic control and in the design of bigraphical frameworks for modelling and analysis of autonomous vehicles. You can find more details about my research here.


Experience & applications