Lecture Notes:

Notes 1 (Introduction and Number Representation)

Notes 2 (Combinatorial Circuits)

Notes 3 (Combinatorial Circuits)

Notes 4 (Sequential Circuits)

Notes 5 (Sequential Circuits)

Notes 6 (Memory Hierarchy)

Notes 7 (Cache)

Notes 8 (CPU Architecture)

Notes 9 (CISC vs RISC)

Notes 10 (Interrupts)


Dr. Paul Cockshott’s notes on PIC Assembly


Supplementary Notes:

Notes 1

Notes 2

Notes 3

Notes 4


Example Classes:

Example 1

Example 2


CS2 Warm-up Exercise (announced in Week 2. Not marked)

CS2 Assignment # 1 (announced in Week 4. Test due Week 8 + Report due Week 9)

Warm-up exercise – not marked refer to the lecture on Use of MPLAB development environment above

Use the MPLAB software to enter the example program given here. Assemble it; download it; test it on the board.

CS2 Assignment # 2 (announced in Week 8. Test due Week 12 + Report due Week 12)

Sample Questions +Sample solution (May 2004 Exam)

See Sample exam question on PIC assembly with answer.