Technical Program

14:20 - 15:00



Session Chair: TBA


Energy Efficient Data Retrieval for Networked Multimode Wireless Sensors

Cory D. Cress, Shanchieh J. Yang, and Moises Sudit

            Rochester Institute of Technology, USA


Power-Efficient Communication Algorithms for Wireless Mobile Sensor Networks

Chuan-Ming Liu, Chuan-Hsiu Lee, Li-Chun Wang

National Taipei Univ. of Technology, Taiwan


A Performance Evaluation Framework for IEEE 802.11 Ad-hoc Networks

Ping Chung Ng, Soung Chang Liew, and Li Bin Jiang

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Honk Kong


Evaluation of Probing Strategies and Resources Allocation for Ad hoc Networks Over UTRA-TDD Protocol

Ahmed Barnawi and John G. Gardiner

University of Bradford, UK



Please note that presentations for poster papers are scheduled for 8 minutes, including 2 minutes of Q&A time.