Technical Program


Session Chair: TBA


Reputed Authenticated Routing for Ad Hoc Networks Protocol (Reputed-ARAN)

Abdalla Mahmoud Ahmed Sameh Sherif El-Kassas

The American University in Cairo, Egypt


DRKH: A Power Efficient Encryption Protocol for Wireless Devices

Ahmad M. Kholaif*, Magda B. Fayek*, Hussein S. Eissa*, Hoda A. Baraka**

*McMaster University, Canada

**Cairo University; National Research Centre, Egypt


Energy and Delay-Constrained Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: an Initial Approach

Laura Sánchez-Miquel, Natalia Vesselinova-Vassileva, Francisco Barceló, Patricia Carbajo-Flores

Technical University of Catalonia, Spain


A Simulation Study of The Intelligent Wireless Ad hoc Routing (IWAR) Protocol

Hamed El-Afandi, Hossein Hosseini, K. Vairavan

University of Wisconsin, USA


Lifetime Extension of Border Nodes in SMAC-based Wireless Sensor Networks by Unifying Multiple Sleep Schedules among Adjacent

Virtual Clusters

Woon-sik Lee, Daewon Lee, and Hwang Soo Lee

KAIST, Korea


Weak Signal Detection Performance of Selective Rake Receivers in Fading Channels

Jinsoo Bae, Sang Won Choi, So Ryoung Park,Jongho Oh,  Iickho Song

Sejong University, Seoul, Korea


New Energy Saving Mechanisms for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks using OLSR

Nabil Ghanem, Selma Boumerdassi, Éric Renault




IPv6 Stateless Address Auto-configuration in Mobile Ad-hoc Network(T-DAD) and Performance Evaluation

Dongkeun Lee, Jaepil Yoo, Keecheon Kim, Kyunglim Kang

Konkuk University, Korea

Seoul;Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology; Korea


Implementation and performance analysis of IEEE 802.11i standard using the IXP425 Network processor

Hareesh Khattri, Rajendra S Katti

North Dakota State University, USA


UARTP–Unicast-based self-Adaptive Reliable Transmission Protocol

Azzzedine Boukerche, Dawei Ning

university of Ottawa, Canada


Real-time perceptual QoS satisfactions of multimedia information

K.L. Eddie Law*, Sunny So**

*Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

**ViXS Systems, Inc., Toronto, Canada


Optimizing Energy Consumption in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

A. Abbas, J.M. Bahi and A. Mostefaoui

Laboratoire d’Informatique de Franche-Comte (LIFC), France



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