GPUs in Mainstream and Industry News

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Introducing GPU Accelerator Programming to Popular Linux GCC Compiler
Scientific Computing 26th November 2013

GPUs Would Make Terrific Network Monitors
Network World 21st November 2013

Constant Cache vs Read Only Cache
Acceleware 28th August 2013

Moore's Law is About to be Repealed, but Don't Blame Physics
The Register 27th August 2013

AMD Explains the Future of CPU/GPU Cooperation
Extreme Tech 26th August 2013

The Modern GPU: A Graphic History
HPC Wire 21st August 2013

LibreOffice embraces GPU acceleration
IT Pro Portal 5th July 2013

Scientist Out to Break Amdahls Law
PC World 17th June 2013. More here

Nvidia GPUs Assist in Battling HIV
PC 29th May 2013

Moore's Law Fails at NAND Flash Node
EE Times 28th May 2013
Could this be the first example of the number of transistors on a chip not doubling each cycle?

Xbox One Will Offload Some Processing to Cloud Services
Tom's Hardware 26th May 2013

Interview with Nvidia CTO
The Register 23rd April 2013

Chip Vendors Look to Gaming for Future Sales
The Inquirer 29th March 2013

ARM Says GPGPU Techniques Could Lower Overall Chip Costs
The Inquirer 28th March 2013

Zynga States that GPU Acceleration is the Most Important Aspect
Value Walk 28th March 2013

Real Time MRI Brain Scans
The Register 27th March 2013

Nvidia Outlines Their GPU Roadmap
The Register 19th March 2013

Nvidia Working with Continuum to Use Python on GPUs
The Register 18th March 2013

Nvidia Walked Away From PS4 Hardware Negotiations 15th March 2013

PS4 Not Worth the Cost Say Nvidia
Gamespot UK 14th March 2013

Nvidia GPU Accelerated Supercomputer Sets World Record for Energy Efficiency 31st January 2013

Nvidia Says Large GPGPU Speed Up Claims Were Due to Bad Original Code
Inquirer 23rd November 2012

Intel Buys Creative's GPU Engineers and Licenses their GPU
Bit-Tech 21st November 2012
Rather than developing their own GPU for SoC they're buying one in

94 Percent of the Top 500 Run Linux 14th November 2012
Perhaps Nvidia need to work more on CUDA for Linux

Intel Fight Back against the GPU
The Register 12th November 2012

Analysis of the Latest Top 500 List
The Register 12th November 2012

Chrome now Using GPU Acceleration to Deliver Video Content
The Register 6th November 2012

Gene Sequencing with NVIDIA GPUs
HPC Wire 31st October 2012

NVIDIA Announces Combined CPU and GPU Tesla chips
PC Advisor 30th October 2012

Titan Supercomputer Using Thousands of GPUs Launched
ITPro Portal 29th October 2012
Includes some useful quotes regarding the necessity of using GPUs in supercomputers as compared to CPUs

NVIDIA Working with Microsoft to Accelerate Windows 8 and IE 10
Hexus 25th October 2012

Nvidia Announce GPU designed to allow companies to host graphics in "the cloud"
ZDNet 18th October 2012

Nvidia Launches CUDA 5
bit-tech 16th October 2012

Oracle and AMD Agree on GPU-Accelerated Java
The Register 30th September 2012

New Processor Design Boosts Graphics to Speed Up Windows
Computer Weekly 28th September 2012
The interesting thing about this article is the reference to Intel's failed project to develop their own GPU (Project Larrabee).

Xbox 720 Expected to Use AMD HD7000 GPU 6th September 2012

New Wii U Expected to Use AMD 7 Series GPU
Video Gamer 30th August 2012

The Crazy Science of GPU Compute
Endgadget 20th August 2012
A useful primer on GPGPU

An Amusing Rant
Tweak Town 17th August 2012

Power Your Apps with GPU Programming
Consumer Electronics Net 15th August 2012
An illustration of how GPGPU is becoming more mainstream

Limitations in GPU Computing
The Inquirer 1st August 2012

Comparison of the Computational Efficiency of Future CPUs and GPUs
Next Big Future 28th July 2012

Researchers Squeeze GPU Performance from 11 Big Science Apps
HPC Wire 18th July 2012

Rutherford Appleton Lab Fires Up CPU-GPU Hybrid
The Register 5th July 2012

India Bolsters Space Program Using GPU-Accelerated Supercomputer
Express Computer 25th June 2012

Core Wars: Inside Intel's power struggle with NVIDIA
The Register 21st May 2012

GPU in the cloud: what does it mean?
TechRadar 17th May 2012

Nvidia chip aims to power fastest supercomputer
BBC 15th May 2012

Nvidia Launches Nsight CUDA dev tools into Eclipse
The Register 14th May 2012

GPU to be Mainstay in Supercomputers
ZDNet 9th May 2012

Intel Aims to Bridge GPU Gap
TechNewsWorld 23rd April 2012

Softlayer provides hosted service with GPU support
The Register 17th April 2012

Android SDK emulator update brings GPU support
The H Online 10th April 2012

NVIDIA show off first Kepler GPUs
The Register 22nd March 2012

Molegro releases commercial tool using GPU acceleration for drug discovery
Wall Street Journal 14th March 2012

GPU Accelerated 800-Teraflop Supercomputer in Production at Japanese University 14th February 2012

How the Muppets Film Was Boosted by GPU Chip Advances
BBC Website 8th February 2012

Engineers Boost AMD CPU Performance by 20% Without Overclocking
Extreme Tech 7th February 2012