iOS Research Apps

Hungry Yoshi
ZooEscape / Packer
World Cup Predictor

Show your creativity and build fun Facebook posts with our 'factory' of effects

Predict results of World Cup matches against friends and the rest of the world

A unique location-based game - find Yoshis and Plantations all over your city

Challenge your memory - put the animals back into the correct enclosure

Researching modular software and the creation/sharing of software configurations

Looking at uptake of Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) functionality in a phone- based game. Trialled via a ‘hybrid’ method combing large and small-scale studies

First large-scale Ubicomp trial using the ‘App Store’ distribution methodology, gaining hundreds of thousands of users. Examining whether qualitative research methods scale up to such massive deployments

Comparing the App Store and 3rd party distribution channels for iOS apps: investigating download numbers, usage patterns and characteristics of the two channels.