Niaz Chowdhury is a Bangladeshi computer engineer and a PhD researcher in the University of Glasgow, UK. He is a member of Embedded, Networked and Distributed Systems Group in School of Computing Science.

News & Updates

PhD Journey Begins

16 January 2012

This date is a very memorable one for me as I joined my PhD today. Now I am a PhD Researcher in Embedded, Networked and Distributed Sytems Group or simply ENDS group in the School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow!

Glorious Glasgow!

13 January 2012

Today I reached Glasgow to pursue my PhD degree at the University of Glasgow. It was an eight-hour long bus journey from London. Feeling a bit tired but lots of work to do... No time to take rest. But the good thing is, I liked the city. Once Glasgow was the second largest city of the British Empire. However, it is still the third largest city in the United Kingdom after London and Birmingham and the largest city in Scotland. Glasgow is gorgeous in architecture and glorious in culture. Hope I will have a great PhD journey over the period of next 3 and half year.

Happy New Year

1 January 2012

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. Hope this year will bring more success and achievement from you. Cheers.