Academic Activities


Tutoring: CS1P, Python Programming 2008-2010

CS1P is a first year undergraduate course which introduces the student to their first programming experience. The course is constituted of two weekly lectures and a weekly two hour lab session.

Course Directors: Dr. Quintin Cutts and Dr. Simon J. Gay

Tutoring: MSc IT Programming, Java Programming 2009-2010

MSc IT Programming is a compulsory course for MScIT students - it introduces the students to the basic of OOP and Java programming.

Course Directors: Dr. David F. Manlove and Dr. Richard L. Cooper

Demonstrating: MSc Induction course, Java Programming 2008-2010

The MSc Induction course is a one week intensive programming course for all MSc in computing science - more specifically for those for students who have a computing background.

Course Directors: Dr. David F. Manlove and Dr. Richard L. Cooper

Science communication and learning

CS inside project:

CS inside is project which tries in form of workshops to help teachers and school-kids understand what computing science is all about. I was part of the team that had the opportunity to go into schools and help ran some of these workshops with the kids.

Managed by: Dr. Quintin Cutts, Jon Richie and Dr. Margaret Brown


DCS Open-day: I have been a regular open-day helper for our department. Both as study communicator to motivate/inform students about computing science studies and as presenter for my own research group.

Research group representative: I have been the student representative for the CV&G research group since 2007. As representative we function as communicator between the Research Student Committee of the department and the students in the research groups.

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Science communication and learning


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