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Poster and short paper presented at PPPJ2010: 8th International Conference on the Principles and Practice of Programming in Java. Vianna, Austria, September 2010.

M.Sc Thesis: Semantic Subtyping for Object-Oriented Languages. (In Italian)
There are two approaches for defining subtyping relation: the
syntactic and the semantic one. In the semantic approach one
starts from a model of the language of interest and an
interpretation of types as subsets of the model. Subtyping
relation is then defined as inclusion of sets denoting types. An
orthogonal issue, typical of object-oriented languages, is the
issue of nominal vs. structural subtyping. We aim at integrating
structural subtyping with boolean connectives and semantic
subtyping for an object-oriented core language and define a
Java-like programming platform that exploits the benefits of
both approaches, expressible in terms of code reuse and of
compactness of program writing. 

B.Sc Thesis: A New Type System for Information Flow. (In Italian)
Data confidentiality and integrity is of paramaunt importance in
computer science. Usually, security policies for confidentiality
and integrity check the information flow and are based on a
non-interference property, namely private data in input cannot
be revealed by an attacker by just observing data in output.
There are various techniques that check information flow, one
very successful is based on a security type system which keeps
track of the level (high or low) of confidentiality of data in a
program. In the present work, we develop a new security type
system which is a conservative extension of previous works and
hence it types new safe programs that were considered dangerous
by other type systems.
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Communication-based Computation (CoCo)

Scottish Programming Languages Seminar, Summer Meeting (SPLS)