Within the School of Computing Science at the Univerisity of Glasgow I teach the following two courses:

  • Theory of Computation H (ToC)
  • Programming Languages H (PL)

Student Projects

Here are some selected undergraduate (L4) and master (MSc) projects I have supervised. (Note: The tools hosted on haiti can only be accessed within the SoCS network.)

If you are interested in doing a L4 or MSci/MSc project with me, then please contact me.

Iyengar Yoga Class Generator
Ventsislav Antov
MSc project, 2020
SFJ - Boolean types and semantic subtyping for Featherweight Java
Artem Usov
L4 project, 2020
Session Types in Pi-Calculus
Avery Mcnab
L4 project, 2019
Encoding Session Types into Linear Types in Pi-Calculus
John Bell
L4 project, 2019
A Portfolio of Case Studies using the Mungo and StMungo Protocol Typechecking Toolchain
Caitlin Norah MacFadyen
MSc project, 2019
An Evaluation Environment for Simply-Typed Lambda Calculus
Yola Jones
MSc project, 2019
Type-Checking Session-Typed Pi-Calculus with Coq
Uma Zalakain
MSc project, 2019
Animation of the Contextual Analysis and Code Generation Phases of a Compiler
David Robertson
L4 project, 2018

Studying Computing Science at Glasgow

If you are thinking of studying Computing Science at the Univerisity of Glasgow, check the video below, which gives a gentle introduction to our degree programmes.

Community Service at Glasgow

Mentoring Scheme • June 2017 – Present
Founder and Leader of the SoCS-wide mentoring scheme to support PhD students in matters such as their working environment, progression, and work-life balance.
Compumatch • March 2018 – Present
Co-Leader of Compumatch developed for researchers across UoG to find collaborators in computing science.
GWiCS • November 2018 – January 2020
Co-Leader of the Glasgow Women in Computing Science (GWiCS) group, delivering a wide range of events and talks with women support at the heart.
Athena SWAN • January 2017 – January 2020
Member of Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team responsible for Career Development and Progression of staff.