Will Partain's home page

Family and background

Having lived in various places since childhood, I am now married to Grace Semple and live in Glasgow, Scotland. (More Partain family connections...)

Work stuff

I work at Verilab, based outside of Glasgow. We do chip design and (especially) verification. I am a Unix system administrator, plus a software guy who hassles chip-heads into Right Thinking (TM).

A reasonable chunk of what I do is freely available at the Arusha Project, for which I am a developer.

Before that (Oct. 1997-Apr. 2002), I worked at Motorola (East Kilbride, mostly), where I did similar sorts of things.

I came to Scotland in 1990 to be Simon Peyton Jones's research slave, working on the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC), in the Computing Science department at Glasgow University. I did that until July 1996.

Between Glasgow University and Motorola, I did a spell at Atlantech Technologies, in Cumbernauld (just outside of Glasgow); hung around a lot with the Systems Research Group at the university; and did a spot of contracting.

Interests and diversions

I have the beginnings of pages about my work-related interests and some (work-related) recommended reading.

Bsides my Arusha Project stuff, I have some other software that is also freely available (but you may need to ask for it).

Then there are these casual diversions...

Will Partain, partain@dcs.gla.ac.uk; 2002-04-16.