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Newsgroups: comp.lang.functional
From: (Larry Wall)
Subject: Re: a note on the Haskerl extension to Haskell [long]
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1993 18:08:14 GMT

In article <> (Will Partain) writes:
: There is obviously no implementation of Haskerl yet, but the major
: Haskell implementors have expressed interest in providing some
: support.  Simon Peyton Jones (Glasgow) says, "The next release of our
: compiler will have experimental support; just use the -erl flag."
: Lennart Augustsson (Chalmers) writes, "I haven't started adding
: Haskerl to LML/HBC, but it shouldn't take long.  By FPCA definitely."
: John Peterson (Yale) indicated that support in their system will
: depend on your LISP implementation (which sits under Yale Haskell).
: We are therefore optimistic that there will be timely opportunity to
: try out the Haskerl ideas before they are completely set in concrete.

If you try to design it by committee, you're never going to end up with
anything satisfactory.  Besides, by the time you get done, everyone
will be using Perl 5, which interprets any string within square
brackets (apart from array subscripts, of course), in any of several
languages, depending on the setting of the new $} magical variable.
Embedded languages supported in the current prototype include Haskell,
TCL, Python, Dylan, Elisp, Teco and Rexx.  Support for Visual Basic is
not anticipated.

Working group participants:
    L. Wall (NetLabs)

Larry Wall
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Will Partain,; 1998-03-07.