52.219 Getting Started

Using scheme on a PC? See Dave Clark's page for info PC.

Use scheme from within emacs (i.e. meta-x run-scheme)

Make a 52.219 directory and keep your stuff in there and cd 52.219 when you work on 52.219

Copy across file /home/s7/pat/scheme/pub/ScmInit.scm and save it in your top level directory. Thereafter when ever you start up scheme it will load in the files specified in ScmInit.scm

Note that we have a change of syntax. Rather than have

     (define f (lambda (x) (* x x)))

   we now use

     (define (f x) (* x x))

   I think it is easier, shorter, quicker, ....
We will use records so see the demo on /home/s7/pat/scheme/pub/people.scm and (optionally) the manual /home/s7/pat/scheme/pub/record.tex

We will use iteration so see /home/s7/pat/scheme/pub/do.scm

We will use arrays, so see /home/s7/pat/scheme/pub/arrdemo.scm"

We will use i/o so see /home/s7/pat/scheme/pub/io.scm