Dr Peter Dickman

Contact details including a note about my email: pd @ dcs.gla.ac.uk which is subject to very strong spam filtering.
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EuroSys 2008, Glasgow, Scotland, April 2008 -- 
        the European Conference in Computer Systems
ECIR 2008, Glasgow, Scotland, March/April 2008 -- 
        the European Conference on Information Retrieval
Glasgow, Scotland
30th March -- 3rd April, 2008

I'm a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow and have been a member of the department since 1993. I will be leaving the department in January 2008, after more than 14 years here, to take up a post with Google in Zurich --- until then my activities in the department continue as normal.

My research interests are in distributed, embedded and mobile systems, with an emphasis on run-time support for distributed object programming and specialised sub-problems including distributed garbage collection and systems which self-configure and/or evolve. I am curently particularly interested in the problems posed to the OS/language run-time by heterogeneous multicore architectures, and potential solutions which draw on distributed systems concepts. My research students have all worked in areas loosely connected to my personal research interests. My undergraduate teaching is mostly in the field of systems, such as Operating Systems and Distributed Algorithms & Systems, with an emphasis on concurrent and distributed programming.

From August 2007 I will be leading the External Relations activity in the department. I also expect to continue to be heavily involved in student work placement assessment. I was Vice Dean (Postgraduates) in the Faculty of Information and Mathematical Sciences, from September 2002 until July 2006. For more details, see below.

I am the local arrangements chair for EuroSys 2008, which will be held in Glasgow on 1st - 4th April 2008. I'm also local arrangements chair for ECIR 2008, which will be held in Glasgow on 30th March - 3rd April 2008.

I am one of the organisers of a workshop, at PACT'07 on the topic of Operating Systems support for Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures. This will take place in mid-September in Romania; follow the link for more details.

Following my sabbatical in 2001-02 I reworked my web presence, to eliminate much of the clutter that had accumulated. If anything that used to be here was valuable and has completely vanished, please let me know.

NB: These pages are deliberately written in very simple HTML to achieve minimal download times; they may not be pretty, but they work.

pd @ dcs.gla.ac.uk
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