Internal Research Meeting on Context

When: Wednesday 20 March 10am until whenever

Where: Gilmorehill Centre (Theatre, Film & TV Studies) room 217A (Holds 35-40; I've booked it.)

Who: As per the table below.

What: Short (~15 minute talks) explaining what everyone is doing.

Then, discussions about how we might


Steve Brewster
Matthew Chalmers
Kevin Cheng
Murray Crease
Peter Dickman
Steve Draper
Emmanuel Dubois
Joy Goodman
Phil Gray
Areti Galani
Greg Huczynski
Jo Lumsden
Ian McColl
Rod Murray-Smith
Rebecca Randell
Martin Ritchie
Robert Villa











Timetable & Agenda

There are two aims for the day:

The morning session is devoted to the first aim and the afternoon session addresses the second. In order to get all the talks in, I've had to be fairly ruthless about time. 10 minutes each. If you aren't going to use your timeslot, please let me know!

The afternoon is organised around a breakout/report back/plenary pattern, to get as many viewpoints expressed as possible, especially those of RAs and students. The objective is to come up with some answers to the following questions:

Should we organise GUCSD's research activity related to context-sensitive/context-aware systems? Why or why not?

If so,

There are a number of other issues that relate to the above:

And, of course, there'll be other issues that I ahven't thought of that will be uncovered on Wednesday.



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