Cognitive Walkthrough Atom

Exercise Scenario


Kim works at a garden centre. She has been asked to maintain a previously written price list which exists as a Microsoft Word document. She has occasionally used the Macintosh and Word, for example to write simple letters to customers.

What and Why

Kim has just been given the price list (see figure 1) and has decided to tidy it up, for example "Blue Hydrangea" takes two lines. She decides to reformat the table so all the flowers will take one line.


Microsoft Word 4.0.


To reformat the column, Kim must select the column and then set the correct width of the column.

To select the column she positions the mouse pointer at the top left hand of the left column of the table, holds the mouse down, drags the mouse pointer to the bottom right hand corner of the table. While she is dragging the cells in the selected column are highlighted (see figure 2).

She then finds a command to set the correct size of the column. She moves the mouse pointer to the "Format" menu and holds the mouse down to reveal a pull down menu (see figure 3).

She selects the "Cells" command. The menu disappears and a dialogue box appears (see figure 4).

She then selects the text field right of "Width of Column 1" and enters an appropriate value, '1.2' in the first instance, and then presses the "Apply" button. The selected column changes width, but the flower names still take up two lines. Kim now enters '1.4' in the same text field (see figure 5) and presses the "Apply" button again. This time the column entries only take up one line each, so Kim presses the "OK" button.

The dialogue box disappears and the column width is changed to the width specified in the dialogue box (see figure 6).

(C) Darryn Lavery 1996 (edited by Phil Gray January 1998)