Reconstructing Professionalism in University Teaching

Symposium and Springboard - September 17th 2001

This web-site contains details of the symposium to be held at the University of Glasgow on 17th September 2001, aimed at widening discussion on the themes explored in the book Reconstructing Professionalism in University Teaching. The book is now out, in the SRHE series of the Open University Press, ISBN 0-333-20816-9. To find out more about the book and the symposium, read the article in the June edition of the University of Glasgow Newsletter.

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Note that the deadline for registrations is 12pm on Thursday 13th September. This is so that we can let the caterers know the numbers for lunch.

If you are reading this after the deadline, and want to come, please do - we would like very much for you to be there. Note however that we won't be able to provide lunch, only morning & afternoon coffee/tea. If you are in this situation, please e-mail Quintin, so that we know to expect you.

Key details about the Symposium are as follows:

Registering for the Symposium

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I understand that there is a charge of £15 for the event, and that the Teaching and Learning Service at the University of Glasgow will raise an invoice for this amount.

3. Your Issues, Queries or Comments....

We have already set out at the end of the book a number of issues for exploration at the symposium. However, if there are issues that you would particularly like to be explored in a workshop session at the symposium, please enter them here. Feel free to add any other comments or queries you may have also.

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