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Research Interests

My main research interests are ways of finding landmarks automatically. Landmarks (or sets of key features) help us to identify any objects. Human beings have the advantage of being more knowledgeable then computers and as a result, we can distinguish between pictures of a pig to pictures of a human face for instance. Landmarks could enable us identify these objects and distinguish the difference between two objects.
I am currently looking for ways to indentify landmarks by combining the information obtained from 2D images and 2.5D range images together. 2.5D range image data gives the distance from the surface of a 3D object to a virtual plane, which is often located near the cameras. It also provides more details about the underlying surface information.
Differential Geometry can be applied directly onto a range image in order to reveal the curvature features on a surface. I am keen on working with range images and 2D images using differential geometry.
By means of automatically placing landmarks on surfaces, it should enable a system to understand biological form in great details.

Current Work

Here is a "cool" gif file for an AVI that I created using Matlab to demonstrates the changes of curvature types over a period of time as the waves grow. By looking at the signs of the Mean (H) and Gaussian (K) curvatures, surface types for a 3D surface can be identified. There are 8 different curvature surface types in total. In the animation, the blue represents 'flat' surface, the grey represents 'peak', yellow represents 'saddle ridge', magenta represents 'saddle valley' and last but not least, cyan represents 'pit'.