Exercise 1, GMM3

Paul Cockshott

The objective of this exercise is to give you practical experience with the use of dithering and colour lookup tables.

The source Image

The source image is Lena, Soderberg,(http://tastymenues.com/lennapg/len_std.jpg) a standard test image used for image processing experiments. You are provided with the file in JPEG format with full colour. Your task is to produce versions of the image using 2 bits per pixel and 6 bits per pixel. You are to use error diffusion to partially correct for the quantization errors that this will introduce.

2 bit per pixel versions

2 bits allow the use of a 4 colour pallette. You are to produce 2 different versions of the image each using a different pallette. The first pallette must consist of the following:

code colourrgb

You are free to chose the pallette to be used in your second example.

6 bit per pixel version

In this version the pallette is defined such that bits 0,1 encode blue, bits 2,3 encode green, and bits 4,5 encode red. The bits are taken to be the most significant 2 bits of the final 8 bit colour value for each independent colour channel.


You are to write a single java program which will read in an image whose url is supplied as a command line parameter, and which will output the files 2bita.jpg, 2bitb.jpg and 6bit.jpg. The file 2bita.jpg must use the black, red, green, white pallette, and file 2bitb.jpg must use a pallette of your choice, and the file 6bit.jpg must use the 6 bit pallette specified above. Your program must in addition print out the pallete that you are using for 2bitb.jpg as a table with 4 rows and 3 coloumns, giving the red, green and blue components of the pallette.

You must demonstrate your program running in class and also submit a listing of the program.

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