The following Pascal Compiler downloads are available:

Binary Releases

Latest Release 4.8 combined Linux and Windows release.

Old Releases

Release 4.6 added Unicode, support for the gnu as assembler, generic sets and matrix multiplication

Linux binary version 4.6

Windows binary version 4.6

Installation procedure for binary version

  1. Unpack the jar file into a directory preferably called mmpc. This is done using the command:

    jar -xf install.jar

  2. Define an environment variable mmpcdir to point at this directory.
  3. Within the mmpc directory unpack the file viper.jar
  4. Make the files vpc and vp executable for linux, the corresponding windows files are vpc.bat and viper.bat.
  5. Put the mmpc directory on your path.

Source Release

Latest Release

Dependencies: Java, Nasm, Gcc, M4 macro processor if you are doing source development work.

Create a directory for Vector Pascal and place the src.jar file in this directory. then unpack the archive using the command

jar -xf src.jar

Then type

make install.jar

to create the installation jar file. You then proceed as for the binary install procedure using the install.jar file you have created. Since the works of the compiler are all in Java and since the C code of the run-time library is portable, the same version of the source will work under both Windows and Linux. The source version contains code under development for Opteron, Playstation and Mac G4 architectures. Any assistance in developing these would be welcome.