Degree of ISO compliance

The Vector Pascal compiler has a number of extensions to the ISO standard but also falls short in certain respects:

  1. It implements the Turbo Pascal rather than the ISO model of file input output
  2. It does not support the functions Pack and Unpack
  3. Because of the consistent overloading of array operators relational operators between two packed arrays of char return a vector of Booleans rather than a single Boolean. This use of packed arrays of char is relatively obsolete and can be replaced by the use of strings for which the comparison operators do work

Here is a spreadsheet which charts a comparison between Vector Pascal and Turbo on the acceptance test suite, which is largely based on the ISO test suite. Test programs that depend on the ISO model of file i/o or on comparisons of packed arrays of char have been modified to use strings and the Turbo model of  I/O.

The columns in the spreadsheet are

*          Tp7 – Turbo Pascal

*          Vp – Vector Pascal

*          Vpt – Vector Pascal compiled with the –NOVPWORDS flag which excludes new Vector Pascal reserved words, this is for backwards compliance with ISO tests