Vector Pascal Compiler         


Usage: vpc srcname [options] [non pascal files]       

   - srcname should not include the .pas extension       

   - output will be in an executable srcname.exe for Windows or       

     simply srcname for Linux       


Non Pascal files       

   you can supply a list of .a, .o, .s or .c files that       

   are to be compiled and linked with your program       

   this is typically done to give a Pascal program access       

   to libraries written in another language       

 Options for user programs       

-A<asmfile>     Allows you to specify the assembler file name used        


      specifies what code generator is to be used for        

      auxilliary processor n, eg:       

      -apu0SonyVPU0 -apu1SonyVPU1       

      You can specify that particular Pascal Units       

      in your program are to be targeted to particular       

      auxilliary processors. This feature is not fully       

      debugged yet. If several apus are listed on the       

      command line they must be in ascending order of APU number       



      link with the BOEHM garbage collector which must       

      be installed in your gcc linkage path       

-NOBOEHM          default       

-cpu<NAME>      specifies the code generator to be used in compiling       

      code. Default is Pentium, other available <NAME>s include       

      K6 - AMD Athlon using NASM       

      Opteron - AMD 64 bit architecture using gas       

               P3 - Intel P3 using NASM       

           P4 - Intel P4 using NASM        

               IA32 - Intel 486 using NASM       

               gnuPentium, gnu486 intel processors but using gas assembler       

      EE - for Sony PS2 Emotion Engine ( cross compiler )       

      NIOS - Altera NIOS ( cross compiler )        

-NOVPWORDS     Allows Vector Pascal reserved words that do not occur in Turbo

               or in Extended Pascal to be used as identifiers

-D<symbol>      Define compiler pre-processor flag for conditional compilation       

-fcoff      Get assembler to generate coff output       

-felf      Get assembler to generate elf output       

-gnu      generate assembler using the gnu Pentium assembler       






--help      print this text        

-inter      generate an intermediate ilc file for the syntax tree       


-L<digit>   Output a Latex listing of the program with variable levels       

      of detail included       

-nobalance   switches off cannonical re-ordering of expression trees       

-nolink        switdches off linking so that a .o file is generated

-o<filename>    Specifies the name of the object file generated by        

      the assembler pass          

-opt<digit>   select an optimisation level from 0 to 3, default is 1       

-S      Generate an assembler output but do not assemble or link       

-T      Run in training mode, do not load any of the pre-learned       

      code generation tactics stored in the .vwu file       

-U      Generate underlines as prefix for external symbols to the       


Compiler development options       

-V      switch on verbose mode for entire compilation       


      switch on verbose mode whilst generate src line <number>       


      switch on verbose mode between range of lines       

                in source when code generating code       

-cputest   do not compile a program but send test patterns       

      to the code generator to test what arithmetic       

      operations it can do and print the result to       

      the standard output