SPLS Meeting: Friday 31st October 2008


University of Strathclyde
Room 13.18, Livingstone Tower, Richmond Street, Glasgow.


Lunch and Dinner

Some members of the Mathematically Structured Programming group will be going for lunch before and dinner after the meeting. Lunch will likely be on campus, and dinner will likely be at a nearby North Indian restaurant. If you would like to join us for either, please contact Patricia Johann ahead of time so that she can make appropriate arrangements. This is especially important for dinner, since she'll need to make a reservation on a Friday night.


The meeting will be held in Room 13.18 on the 13th floor of Livingstone Tower, located in Richmond Street, Glasgow. This map shows the location of Livingstone Tower relative to Queen Street train station.

For those coming into Glasgow Central train station, it is possible to take the underground from St Enoch to Buchanan Street, which is close to Queen Street station. It is easier to walk.

To get to Livingstone Tower from Queen Street station, walk east along George Street a few blocks to Montrose. That is, if you are at Queen Street station facing George Park, then walk along the street to your left. Turn left at Montrose and go up a fairly steep hill about half a block. Turn right onto Richmond. Livingstone Tower is almost all the way to the end of the first block of Richmond, on the right-hand side of the street.

Once at Livingstone Tower, enter and go up a few stairs, then a short distance ahead turn and go up another few stairs (or the ramp) to your left. Go through the doors into an elevator alcove. Take an elevator to the 13th floor, and find Room 13.18. It is at one end of the floor, so shouldn't be hard to find. The CS main office is on the 10th floor and my office is 12.17, in case that's helpful to know.

If you are driving to the meeting and need directions or information about parking, please email Patricia Johann.