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After 20 years abroad, I have repatriated and joined in Aug 2023 the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Cyprus at the rank of Asst. Professor of Cyber Physical Systems Security. In parallel, I maintain an honorary faculty position at the University of Glasgow. Prior to that I was a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. At UofG I was leading the Glasgow Cyber Defence Group (GCDG), leading the Glasgow Cyber Safety Lab (GCSL) and I was a member of the GLAsgow Systems Section (GLASS) Here is a short bio (not updated yet).

New contact information:
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Cyprus
Aglantzias Avenue 91, 4th Floor, 2111 Nicosia
E-mail: marnerides.angelos[at]

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My area of research revolves around data-driven resilience and security for Internet-enabled cyber-physical infrastructures. My philosophy is in designing algorithms and systems with strong theoretical foundations and in providing practical, data-driven implementations that are deployable in the real world. Hence, my approach brings a data, measurement-driven and systems-oriented perspective to the study of security and resilience challenges. A list of my publications is available here and maybe more updated here.


Professional/Admin Service

Professional roles Roles at the University of Glasgow: Cybersecurity Theme Lead, Postgraduate Research Committee member, Level 3 Year Head

Students and Postdocs (current/future)

Interested/future PhD students please check this.

Current PhD students: Kyle Simpson (with Dimitris Pezaros), Charles Rutherford (with Dimitris Pezaros), Marco Cook, Pierre Ciholas, Ahlam Athlobaiti, Hatem Almazarqi

Current Postdocs (under my affiliation with Lancaster University): Martin Bor, John Vidler

Past PhD students:

Past postdocs: Past (brilliant) UG students: Daniel Arthur, Owen Dwyer, Nico McSorley