Subway Challenge

Just Gimme the Video!

What is it?

You are on the Glasgow underground (subway), travelling clock-wise. The journey time between Buchanan St. and St. Enoch is approximately 55 seconds. Hmmm. On the surface it's downhill journey, down the busiest shopping street in Glasgow with 2 road crossings. Hmmm.

Challenge: Can you get off the a train at Buchanan St. and back on the same train the next time it stops at St. Enoch?

Rules: You can break the law if you wish.

Who dunnit?

SamT? originally proposed the challenge on the Sailing Club Guestbook

Colin Baird did the challenge (yup, that's him in the video!). For completing the challenge, we rewarded him by making him Commodore of the Sailing Club. He had some help by Doug Toy, Car Crash Dave (Toy), and some other people I don't know.

We canny mind when they did it.

How did they do it?

We can't really tell you that. You just have to go and watch the video. We will tell you that it's dark, it's fast and there's a bike involved.

Then what happenned?

They made a video and put it on this website. We linked to it from the Sailing Club guestbook and then didn't think about it for a few months until a random person recognised Colin outside the library. By that time 3000 people had watched the video! Since then the SUbway Challenge has become one of those Internet phenonemons, being watched by countless people.

What happens now?

You watch the Subway Challenge video.

Then you email Colin and everyone else at with ideas for the next challenge.

Alternative versions:
  WMV version (25MB) MPEG4 version (28MB) Google Video YouTube



The Subway Challenge video has now featured in the FHM Video of the Month, The Glasgow Herald and The Scotsman, and the Daily Record. On the web, the Subway Challenge has featured on, Google Video and YouTube, not to mention many blogs and literally tens of thousands of emails. Countless people have watched it - we've lost count. There's also a page dedicated to the Subway Challenge on TeamTeaCake.

Unfortunately, SPT have commented that they do not condone this kind of behaviour, so dont try this at home kids!

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