Hello, I am Jess Enright

A brief biography:.

I am originally from Canada, but have lived in Scotland for more than a decade. I completed a BScH in Biology and Computing Science at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, and then MSc and PhD with Lorna Stewart at the University of Alberta. After that I moved to Scotland for a postdoc, and have been here ever since.

As with almost all academic websites, this one is under construction - likely perpetually.

Research Interests

My interests include: algorithmic graph theory, representations of graphs, problems on multilayer and temporal networks, applications in infectious disease epidemiology and modelling networked systems.

For a look at my publications, you could check out Google Scholar

Projects I am involved in:

  • Multilayer algorithms
  • ModOptGraphs
  • IoFT+ WG
  • DigiVet
  • SCRC

Teaching and Supervision

Please excuse the generic fuzzy pictures for now.

Undergraduate Teaching

I've previously taught on a variety of introductory maths anc computing modules. In 2021/2022 I will be teaching CS1PX - our 'alternate route' second-semester first year programming course in Python.

Undergraduate Project Supervision

I am planning to be on leave for Semester 1 of 2021/2022, so I won't be routinely posting possible Level 4 or Level 5 projects. However, if you are a level 4 student have a keen interest in a suitable topic you want to propose, I may be able to supervise your project in cooperation with another academic or a postdoc, so get in touch.

Research Postgraduate supervision

I regularly supervise several PhD students, and will update this page with a list in future. I will be seeking new PhD candidates for September 2022, or possibly sooner, with a likely application deadline in late January 2022.

Links to slides for talks

Contact Me

When we are working in the office, you can find me at the University of Glasgow Gilmorehill Campus, in Sir Alwyn Williams Building 3o5

Or, get me by email at jessica.enright@glasgow.ac.uk