DigiVet is an international collaborative project funded by the NordForsk programme on digitalisation of public services.

Successful management of livestock disease ensures a consistent supply of safe food for everyone in society. The use of data by industry, public services, and even the public at large is a key part of this veterinary public health mission. Managing this data comes with many challenges: how should data collection be standardised, and who should have access to different aspects of this data? What risks are farmers exposed to by making their data publically available? What data and processes need to be maintained to be able to effectively control shared threats to our supply of safe food within our increasingly international society?

The DigiVet project will study how livestock data is currently used across the partner nations, and how technology, training, and regulatory frameworks might provide societal benefit by improving the public-interest uses of these data. We will also investigate the risks associated with missing, sparse, or coarsely aggregated data, and evaluate the potential societal benefits of making better quality data more widely available. Our study includes workshops with stakeholders to map existing practices, and document the gaps, roadblocks, and opportunities for improvement.

About Us

Our project team includes partners from:

We gratefully achnowledge funding from NordForsk and our national funding agencies.

Activities and News

DigiVet attends Programme Kickoff

As of January 2021, DigiVet has begun. We have started our work, and participated in a kickoff meeting for all projects funded within the Digitalisation of Public Services program.

Contact Us

You can contact DigiVet by emailing our PI: jessica.enright@glasgow.ac.uk